Total Body Rehab Center

When you have pain and difficulty moving you want results, and fast.  Physical therapy is the medical science and art of helping you overcome your neurological and musculoskeletal problems thus restoring normal function. Triggerpoint Dry Needling is not Chinese acupuncture, but the benefits are similar to it.  This innovative treatment technique allows us to better serve those who have failed traditional forms of therapy.  If you suffer from chronic neck and low back pain, sciatica, stenosis, fibromyalgia, rotator cuff pain, "frozen shoulder," tennis elbow, plantar fascitis, post-op surgical pain or any other condition causing you discomfort, then "dry needling" could possibly help you.  And because "dry needling" is not traditional acupuncture, this new technique for pain control is covered by most insurance plans.   Visit totalbody1 Site