Archive | September, 2012

Prosthetic Sockets

by Scott Sabolich, CP, LP inMotion Scott Sabolich, CP, LP, and Theron Hogue, CP, LP, collaborate on the fit of a socket. The socket is the most critical component of your prosthesis. If it doesn’t fit correctly, you can experience pain, sores and blisters, and the prosthesis will feel heavy and cumbersome. Your mobility may […]

The Prosthetic Knee

by Erik Schaffer, CP, Chris Kort, CPO, and Phil Kreuter, PT inMotion For the above-knee amputee, the prosthetic knee joint is one of the most critical components of the prosthesis. Replacing the amazingly complex human knee has been an ongoing challenge since the beginning of modern prosthetics. A prosthetic knee has to mimic the function […]

Below Knee Amputation

by Douglas G. Smith, MD, Amputee Coalition Medical Director Transtibial amputations, also known as “below-knee” or “BK” amputations, are among the most frequently performed major limb amputations. Statistically, about half of all major lower-limb amputations are transtibial, and, in the past several decades, this amputation level has been emphasized in education and training for surgery, […]