Meet Our Staff

We build custom designed products, including spinal braces, ankle/foot braces, custom shoe inserts, lower and upper limb prostheses. Since 1892 we have been one of Ohio’s premier certified and licensed resources for custom orthotics, pedorthotics and prosthetics, thanks to generations of dedicated people. We’re grateful to the scientists and engineers who continue to provide us with new technologies and materials that help us improve the performance of our custom products. Most of all we cherish our relationships, with doctors, physical therapists and families, as we work together to enrich the quality of life for disabled individuals. We want to help you live life to it's fullest. Please explore our website to learn more.

Michael Stevens
C.P.O., C.Ped., L.P.O., L.Ped.

Terence Smith
C.O., L.O.

Julie Rubel

Tyler Rickman

Kristina Nichols
Office Manager