Foot Orthotics (arch supports) Use & Care Instructions

Foot Orthotics (arch supports) Use & Care Instructions

A foot orthosis, or arch support, is a custom molded device made from a variety of materials ranging from rigid plastic to soft foams. It is designed to support the arches of your foot and redistribute your weight to different areas to prevent excessive pressure. It may also correct mild alignment problems.

Please read the following instructions for wearing Foot Orthotics (arch supports) and add any special instructions given to you by your physician or orthotist.



1. Select a close fitting and wrinkle free cotton sock.

2. Select a high quality lace up shoe with a removable insert.

3. Place the insert carefully in your shoe and then slide your foot in.

4. Check for wrinkles in your socks and then lace your shoe to the top.



Begin wearing your foot orthosis for 2-3 hours at a time, then take it off and rest your foot for an hour. Alternate wearing the foot orthosis and resting your foot for the first few days. Allow your foot to get used to the foot orthotic gradually.



1. Check your skin frequently. Should any red spots, rash or other skin irritation appear, discontinue use and contact our office immediately.

2. Monitor you discomfort. It is common to have some initial discomfort; however this discomfort should decrease as you follow your break-in schedule. If there is increased discomfort, discontinue use and contact our office immediately.



To clean your orthoses, simply wipe them with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not submerge in water or wash them in a washing machine. If your orthoses squeak, add powder to your shoes and the squeak should stop.



Your foot condition took time to develop and it will take time to go away. If you wear your orthoses, your condition should lessen over time. Orthoses will allow your feet to function more comfortably.


If you have any other questions concerning your brace or its application, please feel free to call

this office at (419) 893-0748 and our staff will be happy to assist you

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