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Types of Orthoses & Prostheses

An orthosis can be defined as: An external orthopedic appliance, either prefabricated or custom made, that controls movement of specific body parts. Your health care provider’s evaluation directs us to the specific type of control needed for your orthotic care. Working with your doctor and family, we develop a treatment plan and follow up with […]

UCB, AFO, & KAFO Wearing Schedule

1. DAYS1-3. Begin wearing your orthosis in a NON weight-bearing situation for 15-30 minutes several times each day, ie., watching television or sitting down to eat. 2. DAYS 4-7. Continue step 1, add 15 -30 minutes of function such as walking around the house. 3. DAYS 8-14. Gradually work into the orthosis by increasing the […]

Jewett Hyperextension Orthosis

Your physician has ordered a Hyperextion Orthosis (brace) for your back problem. We, at Marshall-Kloene Orthopedics, in an effort to lessen any confusion concerning your Orthosis (brace), are providing you with this step by step instruction sheet for your convenience. Please read it over carefully and after doing so, if you have any questions feel […]