Patient Instructions For Miami J Collar

  1. Remove any pillows from behind the patient’s head.  Position patient with arms to the side, shoulders down and head centrally aligned.
  2. Slide the Back Piece behind the patient’s neck and center it.
  3. Flare the sides of the Front out, slide it up the chest wall and scoop it up under the chin.
  4. Sides of the collar Front should be oriented up, off the trapezius, and toward the ears.
  5. While holding the Front securely, curl the ends snugly against the patient’s neck.  Apply the Velcro strap and secure the opposite side of the collar is the same fashion.  Tighten straps alternately, one at a time, to an equal length on both sides.
  6. Velcro straps must be aligned symmetrically and oriented “blue-on-blue” to the Front adhesive sections.  When the patient is properly fit, there should be equal amounts of excess Velcro overhanging the Front blue adhesive sections.