Patient Instructions For Thoracial Lumbar Corset Orthosis

Patient Instructions For Thoracial Lumbar Corset Orthosis

Your doctor has ordered a thoracic lumbar corset (brace) for your back. The following several tips should make the wearing and care of this brace much easier.

How to put your brace on and take it off:

– Try to wear a clean dry cotton t-shirt under the brace. Be very careful to find one that is not loose on your body, since this may cause the shirt to wrinkle under the brace and cause discomfort.

– Before putting the brace on, release all Velcro straps.

– Position the brace on your body making certain that the cloth tag is at the top back. The bottom front of the brace should rest just above the pubic bone. The steel stays should be on either side of the bony portion of your spine.

– Once you are satisfied that the brace is in its proper position, begin closing it starting from the bottom. Grasp the lower straps and apply an even amount of tension as you pull them toward the front. Overlap and adhere the left strap onto the top of the right strap and press the underneath Velcro hook on the right strap into the pile fabric of the back support.

– Pull the long straps over your shoulders, applying just enough tension so the upper back section of the back support contours to your back.

– Bring the straps under your underarms and cross in the back.

– Pull the straps from the rear of the front, applying enough tension to provide the required positioning and support for the upper back. Maintain even tension as you close the straps, pressing the left strap over and into the right strap. You can close them over either the upper or lower back support straps.


Care of your brace:

– Wearing a cotton t-shirt under your brace will help to keep it cleaner and minimize the need to launder it. If it does become soiled, hand wash it in cool water using whatever you use to wash delicate materials. Wool-lite or Ivory soap works well.

– You will need to remove the metal stays before washing your brace. Be certain that you reinsert the stays exactly as they were before you removed them. Your Orthotist will assist in showing you how to do this easily.

– Do not put the corset in either the washer or dryer. After washing it roll it in a towel to get out the excess moisture. Hang it over the back of a chair or a drying rack and by the next day it should be dry. Do not wear a damp corset.


Some of the questions you may have regarding how often you wear your brace or how long you will need it may have to be answered by your doctor. If you have any questions that have not been answered by this instruction sheet, please feel free to contact our office and a staff will assist you or refer you to your doctor or clarification.



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