The S.O.M.I. ORTHOSIS (Sternal Occipital Mandubular Immobilizer)

The S.O.M.I. ORTHOSIS (Sternal Occipital Mandubular Immobilizer)

Your doctor has ordered a S. O. M. I. Orthosis for your condition.  We would like to provide you with an instruction sheet containing some tips on the brace care and application.


Sternal section:  Largest portion of the brace with shoulder bars contoured over the shoulders.  Straps in the back should criss-cross and clip on the lower sternal piece.  Make certain these straps are snug at all times.  This provides a good base for the orthosis (brace).

Occipital piece:  This fits at the base of the skull or the occiput.  Horseshoe bars  fit into channels on the sternal front.  Half-moon shaped pad should be pointing down when properly applied.

* NOTE*  This pad should freely swivel on the horseshoe bar, if you are having discomfort from this pad make sure that it has not become trapped by the snaps on the bar.  If this occurs merely push the pad free.

Chin (Mandibular) piece:  This is the portion of the brace that prevents the neck from flexing.  Sufficient pressure on this piece is necessary to support the head in the position that your doctor has prescribed.  To apply this portion of the brace, open the clip place bar portion of the piece in the channel with the small pin at the desired hole.  The chin piece should fit against the chin with the head resting on the occipital cup (head rest).  You may adjust this chin piece up or down one hole, as needed, to accommodate for sitting, standing and lying.

Chin straps:  Snap onto chin piece in the front and occipital piece in the back for additional security.  May be removed, with your doctor’s permission, to attach head strap.  Plastic portion of head strap snaps onto occipital piece where the chin straps previously were attached.  This provides some support if your doctor allows you to remove the chin piece for bathing.


Keep chin dry

Powder chin and chin piece with baby powder

Wear cotton t-shirt under the brace.  If your doctor allows you to remove the brace while bathing, it may be changed at this time, being careful not to flex the head while doing so.  If you must wear the brace full time, some people have had success with cutting a t-shirt along the side seam and sliding it under the brace, attaching it with velcro.  Make sure that there are no wrinkles between you and your brace.

Do not put anything (wash rags, gauze or sponges etc.) between your chin or head and the brace.  This merely causes increased pressure to the area.  If additional padding is needed notify this office.

If your doctor allows you to remove your brace to clean it, you may do so by using a mild soap (such as Ivory or Woolite) in lukewarm water.  Using a toothbrush, soiled areas may be cleaned by lightly scrubbing with this solution and drying completely before reapplying.  Use care not to separate any padding from the brace.  Should this occur, you may try to reglued the pad or contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Any necessary adjustment to braces fit by this office will be made free of charge for 60 days after billing.

If you have any other questions concerning your brace or its application, please contact our office at (419) 893-0748 and our staff will assist you.

Thank you
Marshall-Kloene Orthopedics

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