UCB, AFO, & KAFO Wearing Schedule

UCB, AFO, & KAFO Wearing Schedule

1. DAYS1-3. Begin wearing your orthosis in a NON weight-bearing situation for 15-30 minutes several times each day, ie., watching television or sitting down to eat.

2. DAYS 4-7. Continue step 1, add 15 -30 minutes of function such as walking around the house.

3. DAYS 8-14. Gradually work into the orthosis by increasing the wearing time daily.

4. Only increase the wearing time if you are able to wear it fairly comfortably.

5. You may experience some discomfort in other parts of the body, such as in your knees, hip, back and neck. These are normal reactions to the corrected alignment that the orthosis is providing.

6. Your orthosis may need to be adjusted. For this reason, it is important to follow the check-up schedule to maintain the optimum fit and function of your orthosis.

7. If a squeaking sound is detected from the orthosis rubbing in your shoe, a light dusting of talcum powder should remedy this noise.

8. To facilitate wearing of your orthosis, you must follow these instructions as closely as possible.

9. Your orthosis is a highly specialized device. As with any such device, the orthosis requires regular maintenance. It is very important that you see your orthotist at least every six months for a check up and maintenance of your orthosis.


If you have any other questions concerning your brace or its application, please feel free to call this office at (419) 893-0748 and our staff will be happy to assist you.


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